About Us

" JOS-ÂNER " originates from my spirit and the word Flâner, which means to wander around enjoyably, observing life and the surroundings. This is in the core of our DNA, we savor in the sparks of our surroundings to bring beautiful pieces to you, and you embody the pieces to seek experiences and moments that fuel your love and passion.
"JOS-ÂNER" is a classy luxury resort wear brand for the forever wanderer, celebrating the lifestyle of seeking adventures, romanticising the magic in life, indulging in individual joy and collective bliss.
- Jocelyn Chan, Founder of JOS-ÂNER 


Designed & Crafted with Intention

We unveil timeless and artistic pieces that transcend beyond trends, prioritizing harmony with the silhouette of body, we enliven a diverse range of concepts free from any calendar.
We merit slow fashion, so that each high-quality limited style we make
is a worthwhile investment, and to be cherished endlessly.


Our Manifesto

I. You are the muse of your own story.

II. To create a lifestyle, of rejoicing simple magical moments in life.

III. Design to compliment the body as art.

IV. To be inspired by nature as our library, and museums as our collective memories.

V. Be authentic and timeless; elegant and fun.